The Drivers

Rebecca Dawes

Birth Date-
Birth Place-
Warwick, QLD
Commercial Accounts Manager
First Gemini Race-
I hired a Gemini at QLD Raceway to get my CAMS license.
Motorsport Background-
Rebecca began racing in 1995 at age 14 in a Leyland Mini competing in the Junior Class in the South East QLD Short Circuit Touring Car Series racing, racing on dirt circuits.
  • WDSCC Junior Champion- 1996
  • Most Consistent Driver- 1996
  • Nominee for Australian Young Achievers of the Year Awards- Sports Category- 1996
In 1998 Rebecca progressed to racing a Honda Civic in the Production Class. Two of the racing

circuits were now bitumen sealed. This saw her racing her brother Michael and father Gavin in identical cars.
  • 2nd Production Class Sprint Series- 2001
  • 1st Production Class Endurance Series- 2001
  • WDSCC Club Champion – 2001
  • Short Circuit Touring Car Champion Outright 1st - 2003
  • 1st Production Class Sprint Series – 2003
In 2004 Rebecca began competing in the CAMS QLD Gemini State Championships.
  • 3rd CAMS QLD Gemini State Championship -2009
  • 1st QLD Racing Drivers Assoc. Gemini Championship- 2009
For the past 15+ years Rebecca has been an active member of the Warwick District Sporting Car Club for Morgan Park Raceway Warwick. Her family and partner provide continued support and assistance to her Motor Sport aspirations.
Motorsport Goal-
To compete in a National one make series.
Favourite Circuit-
Echo Valley in Toowoomba was my favorite track- a mini dirt version of Bathurst. But of the best track in definately Morgan Park, and it keeps getting better and better!
Favourite Thing About Geminis-
The friends you make, and the the rush you get from close racing.
Motorsport Hero-
My dad and my brother